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She’s Here!

Sister arrived today after holidaying in New Zealand. When Sister arrived at the front door, Dad was crying tears of joy… he was so happy to see her. So was Puppy… she went crazy with excitement. Needless to say, the rest of us are all thrilled to have her home, too. It’s so nice to have the entire family together again.


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Dad’s other VA prescription arrived in the mail Thursday. Wow, the VA actually came through for us, woo hoo! We’re still waiting to hear about the full work up at the main clinic… hopefully soon.

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Dad’s VA prescriptions arrived in the mail yesterday and so far they appear to be free! The only thing is the doctors supposedly ordered three prescriptions and only two came. We don’t know if the other is on its way or if it’s not coming at all. I guess we’ll wait a few more days to find out. The other thing is they gave us the generic versions of the drugs. Hopefully this won’t be a problem. At the very least, we can try it and if it doesn’t work, then that is more proof to go back to the VA and tell them we need the brand name. The doctors mentioned the VA pharmacy might do this and it’s a process. You have to try the generic and if it doesn’t work, then it’s more support for having the VA issue us the brand name.

We’re still waiting on the  VA clinic referral to come through for Dad to get a full work up and testing. I hope it comes through soon because Dad still needs his other meds that are normally prescribed by the neurologist.  The last VA visit they said Dad would have to wait for the work up to get the neuro meds.  Fingers crossed it all comes together soon.

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On Wednesday, Dad had an appointment at the local VA clinic to meet with a psychiatrist. Apparently, this is necessary in order to get some of Dad’s prescriptions through the VA system. His primary care VA doc can’t prescribe neuro or psych related drugs- they must go through a specialist.

Unfortunately, Dad has maxed out his prescription care coverage through his insurance so everything is fully out of our pockets right now. Some of his medications are unbelievably expensive for just 30 pills- it’s ridiculous. Going through the VA will be a significant savings especially since we still have the rest of the year to go. At this point, we’re thanking our lucky stars Dad is in the VA system.

Anyway, so Mom & Dad first met with a psychologist and then with the psychiatrist. The were both very nice, sympathetic and genuinely concerned. It was actually quite refreshing considering the bad rap the VA has- these doctors were surprisingly good. So, after the meetings, the necessary medications were ordered and they will be delivered to our doorstep. Hopefully it’s as easy as they say it is- we’ll see when the medications actually arrive (or not).

Both doctors were surprised to learn Dad has had no follow up tests, scans, full work up, etc. since his brain tumor and pulmonary embolism. They suggested Dad get some testing done to make sure there is no re-growth of the tumor and that the clot is hopefully shrinking, as well as making sure everything else is okay. Mom explained that she’s been asking his regular doctors about more testing for quite some time but they all seem to think everything is fine. So, we’re actually grateful these VA docs are more proactive and they’ve gone ahead and put in a referral for Dad to go to the main clinic for full work up. He’ll meet with a geriatric psych and a geriatric primary care physician. We all think this is a good idea although Dad isn’t too keen on going to the main clinic. He thinks we’re going to lock him away because his first primary care physician threatened to do just that when she didn’t have a clue on how to treat Dad. She threatened to take away our rights and have him placed in a lock down facility, which is right near the main VA clinic. So, whenever Dad hears the city name of the clinics, he automatically thinks he’s going to be locked away.  The doctors tried to explain this isn’t the case and that wouldn’t happen so they put in the request but Dad left the office swearing he won’t go. Obviously we’ll have to come up with a game plan when the day comes for him to go to the main clinic… he won’t be too happy. However, we’re happy to have the tests run to make sure everything is okay.

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Hawaii Dec 2007 130

A very happy 4th of July to all.

May your day be filled with family and friends, BBQ’s and fireworks.

Happy Birthday, America.

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