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The past several days Dad has been doing pretty well. We all went out for dinner the other night and the day before that, Dad wanted to run out and do some Christmas shopping. We’re missing our tree skirt, for some reason, so Dad has been itching to go and buy one. So, Husband and I took Dad out, he picked one out and then he wanted to go for ice cream so we did. He loves his ice cream! Then he wanted to go Christmas shopping for Mom so we all took him out and he picked out a few things for Mom. He was pretty active in picking out what he wanted for her- I gave him some ideas and he picked out the type, the colors and the patterns. I even picked out some stuff I thought Mom would like but he knixed my choices and chose his own. He got her some lovely things that I think she’ll enjoy. We even did a little more shopping yesterday and Dad was fixed on going to the DKNY outlet to buy some DKNY socks- they’re his favorite. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the kind he wanted so that means I’ll head out to find them elsewhere. He seriously loves his DKNY socks.

With Dad, he can be hesitant about change- as he was with us putting up a Christmas tree and the wreath- but once it happens, he adapts and gets on with it. Dad has definitley adjusted to the idea of Christmas and it’s now a part of his routine. He’s seems to be enjoying the season as we witness him running to the mailbox every morning to check the mail for Christmas cards and gifts, wanting to finish off the tree with a proper tree skirt and checking out the neighborhoods decorated with holiday lights. He gets a big kick out of watching the movie, Home Alone. It always makes him laugh something wicked which in return makes us laugh, too. It’s nice to be together for the holidays to share the little moments that become memories.

Overall, Dad seems to be more lucid these days but his hallucinations are still giving him some trouble. While they’re bothersome for Dad, his hallucinations appear to be not as severe- more annoying to him more than anything else. He doesn’t seem to be so terrified by them like he was a little while ago. Hopefully the improvement continues.


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With the Christmas season upon us, the fam has begun to decorate the house for the holidays. We’ve strung up some lights and decorated the tree but not without Scrooge, aka Dad, trying to put the kibosh on our Christmas spirit.

Since December 1st, we’ve been prepping Dad that Christmas is coming and we’ll be decorating soon. We talked about what he may want for Christmas (he has no ideas) and that Sister will be here to celebrate with us, too. We marked Christmas on the calendar and have Dad count the number of days until the big day. With all that, he still can’t seem to comprehend that Christmas is around the corner. It could be an indication that Lewy is taking greater control over Dad’s mind and body or he’s just heavily medicated right now (due to the hallucinations) making it difficult for Dad to understand.

When there is a Christmas movie on TV, he immediately demands us to turn it off… “It’s too early. This can’t be right.” When we’re in the car and the radio plays Christmas music, he wants it shut off. I don’t think it’s so much that Dad isn’t in the Christmas spirit, it’s that Christmas is a change from his normal everyday routine. With the advancement of Lewy taking over (or the medication tinkering), he can’t handle change as well as he once could. He has trouble comprehending that Christmas is less than 3 weeks away and I see that as a sign in the breakdown of his cognitive & reasoning skills.

With all that in mind, we decided to gently ease in to the Christmas decorations. We brought out the Christmas wreath a few days ago and let it sit around the house before hanging so Dad could get used to it. He immediately wanted us to put it away- “it wasn’t time.” Yesterday, we started decorating for the season and Dad had a bit of a tizzy that we were putting up the Christmas tree. We tried to get him to help hang the ornaments, but he didn’t want any part in it. He really doesn’t want to help with anything anymore so I guess we weren’t surprised that he could care less about decorating the tree.

I’ll probably try taking Dad out this week to do some Christmas shopping. We’ll see how that goes. He likes getting out of the house so maybe it won’t be so bad although a decorated mall could possibly disorient him. Maybe I’ll start small with individual store visits before heading to any major shopping centers. Just maybe, he’ll come around slowly but surely as he gets acclimated to the idea of Christmas, or rather, change.

UPDATE: As usual, after the change in his routine, Dad has adjusted and is enjoying the tree and wreath. We even went Christmas shopping yesterday and Dad helped pick out some presents for Mom.

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