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Amazingly enough, we managed to get Dad out the door for his doctor’s appointment the other day. It was a pretty routine check up and the GP went over the lab results in which everything came back fine. They did not do a test for a urinary tract infection (UTI), however, the doctor said there would be signs if Dad had a UTI. According to the doc, he wasn’t exhibiting any of them. For those not familiar, UTIs are common in LBDers and can completely throw their system out of whack. We were thinking that maybe Dad’s recent ballistic episodes were a result of a possible UTI, however, I guess that is not the case. Of course, Dad put on a show for the doctor and told the doc that everything was fine- no problems at all. Seriously, it’s so frustrating how he can just turn it on for the doctors. Meanwhile, minutes before he saw the doctor he was talking to his “friends” aka the people he sees in his hallucinations.

So, we’re home and still dealing with Dad’s constant hallucinations and delusions. He has such a one track mind in terms of if he gets an idea in his head he is so focused on it until the idea can be completed, resolved or whatever the case may be. In some ways, it’s unbelievable and difficult to see and manage what he deals with on a daily basis. We’ve reduced the Sinemet on our own to see if that makes a difference as Sinemet can cause hallucinations. So far, I would say the reduction has not made a difference.

I know I’ve probably been a Debbie Downer lately but unfortunately, it is what it is. Hopefully the new year will bring improvement or some sort of normalcy and then the blog will be a little happier. A girl can dream, right?


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We went to a new GP last week and he seemed to be pretty good. A bit old, but he appeared to be up on everything with Lewy Body and completely agreed that Dad was being over-medicated. In fact, he was absolutely shocked to see the number of drugs Dad was on. So, he’s starting to slowly ween Dad off of some of the medicines he doesn’t need. However, the more neurological/psych type drugs, he wants to let the neurologist deal with, which, I agree. The doctor spent quite a while with us and took his time to go over everything and discuss things with my mom. He ordered some blood work and a swallowing test since Dad is having so much difficulty eating and swallowing. Hopefully we’ll see what’s going on and help Dad get back to eating normally and gaining some weight. He’s looking awfully skinny these days and feeling so fatigued and lethargic. We just want him to get back to some sort of a normal resemblance of his old life.

We have an appointment with the neurologist in August, so hopefully we can go over a lot of issues and get some more unnecessary drugs removed from Dad’s system. We’re also considering adding the drug, Namenda, to see if that helps improve Dad’s daily functioning. I know he’s already over-medicated, but, this new drug could possibly improve his quality of life. We’ll discuss with the neurologist in a few weeks.

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