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I haven’t updated about Dad in quite a while so I thought I would take a little time now while my little one sleeps. She keeps me pretty busy these days and as a result, the blogging tends to get put on the back burner. I want to try and be better about posting about our journey, Dad and our memories. We’ve had a pretty good summer and I can hardly believe October is upon us, already. I have a lot of catch up posting to do so hopefully I’ll get to it soon.

Overall, Dad has been doing well lately. While he still battles daily with some hallucinations, they aren’t nearly as bad as a few months ago. In general, he’s still worried about his “friends” stealing things around the house so everything is hidden, the cabinets, pantry door and refrigerator are barricaded after each use with kitchen utensils. Some times, Dad will jump up from his chair and run to the front door to make sure someone is not breaking in. It’s a bit frustrating when you put down your glasses for a minute and they’ve disappeared and Dad doesn’t remember where he’s hid them for safe keeping. Needless to say, things go missing for weeks until it’s finally uncovered. We’re getting used to it but it’s still frustrating we can’t put anything down for two seconds without it disappearing.

Aside from those issues, things have been much better around here. Dad is aware he’s been doing well, too. He’s eager to go out each day and go to the movies, have lunch or run errands. He’s helping around the house with setting the dinner table and wiping it clean after each use. He picks up the dog poop each day and gets the mail every morning. The only household chore he struggles with but insists on doing is taking out the trash. No matter how many times we tell him, show him, change the position of the cans, Dad always puts the trash into the recycle bin and the recycles in the trash. Despite printing the words “RECYCLE” and “TRASH” on each can, he still mixes it up. So every time he takes the trash out, we have to follow behind and switch it around.

I think Dad is also enjoying have his granddaughter around. He does so well with her and every now and then, he’ll just get up on his own and start playing with Baby on the floor. It’s so wonderful to watch the two of them and I try to grab my camera and snap a shot or two so I’ll always have that memory for Baby.

Well, Baby is starting to stir so I’ll stop here for now. Hope all is well with all my readers.


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I realize Easter was about three weeks ago but I still want to post a few pictures from the day. Here’s Grandpa, Grandma and Baby.

We had a lovely day relaxing at home and enjoyed a delicious home cooked family dinner together. I hope everyone’s Easter/Passover was just as nice.

Dad has been doing well and I’ll write a separate post about that later. He’s enjoying his granddaughter and he really seems to do a lot better with her around. Dad likes singing to Baby while rocking her in his recliner. He’s always commenting on what a beautiful baby she is. I just love it. I’m so glad Dad is able to love Baby, remember Baby and enjoy her. Their time together, I will always cherish. I only wish he didn’t have this disease and Baby could grow up knowing my real Dad for a long time, not Lewy Dad.

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The cutest little leprechaun and her Grampie

Dad has been singing Irish lullabies to her all day. So sweet!

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Baby girl spending time with Grammy & Grampie.

How sweet!

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His Granddaughter

The other day, Dad got to hold his granddaughter for the first time. He was a little hesitant at first because she’s so little and she has all the tubes and wires going on. However, after a second of thinking about it he wanted to hold her and as soon as she was in his arms, he had tears of joy welling up in his eyes. He kept telling us what a thrill it was to be holding his grandchild. He was so happy and amazed to be holding his little darling and it just made my heart melt.

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When the Hubs and I found out we were pregnant, Mom was out-of-state visiting Sister in NYC while Hubs and I stayed home with Dad. Keeping it a secret was pretty easy and we loved having it be “our” secret. Eventually we decided it was time to tell our folks. As timing would have it, Mom would be home the week of Father’s Day so we decided Sunday, June 21st would be the day to share our wonderful news. We had plans to go out for a Father’s Day dinner celebration and figured we would tell them then but our excitement got the better of us. We opted to have Dad open his presents earlier in the day at home rather than later at the dinner.

To tell them the good news, I had purchased a cheesy t-shirt and hat that said “World’s Greatest Grandpa” across it. I wrapped it in a large box with a pretty bow along with some other gifts to open before the big one. Dad opened his movie tickets and then a gift certificate to one of his favorite restaurants. Time came to open the last large box. As Dad opened it, he was thoroughly confused and appeared not to be catching on. The Hubs and I looked at each and kept waiting. Then, Mom piped in and was like, “Is that a joke because that could really be mean.” Our reply was of course it’s not. Then Mom said,  “well, the only way it wouldn’t be is if it means what it really means but it doesn’t.” To which we replied, “well it means what it means! We’re pregnant!” Mom & Dad were seriously confused and after a minute of letting the news sink in, they were beyond ecstatic.

Mom and Dad wanted to tell Sister right away so Mum took a picture of Dad holding up his Grandpa shirt on her cell and sent it to Sister. Sister calls and says, “What is that… did someone send that to Dad as a joke for Father’s Day?” Um, no! At this point Sister is on speaker phone so we all yell the good news to her which rendered her speechless for the first time in her life. Seriously, dead silence for 30 seconds and after we confirmed she was still on the line, she was like, “What? There’s a baby in your belly? You’re having a baby?!” Yes! Yes! Yes! To which congratulatory cheers were yelled and Sister got back to her crazy, chatty self.

After sharing the news with my family, we were on the phone to the Hub’s parents to continue our Father’s Day baby announcement. We were of course showered with more congratulatory wishes.

Dad has already decided we’re having a boy and corrects anyone who dares to call the baby a girl. It’s kind of funny and cute that he’s so keen on a boy. Maybe after having to deal with my Mom, Sister and I for so long, he’s ready to have a little buddy to pal around with for a while.

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