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I haven’t updated about Dad in quite a while so I thought I would take a little time now while my little one sleeps. She keeps me pretty busy these days and as a result, the blogging tends to get put on the back burner. I want to try and be better about posting about our journey, Dad and our memories. We’ve had a pretty good summer and I can hardly believe October is upon us, already. I have a lot of catch up posting to do so hopefully I’ll get to it soon.

Overall, Dad has been doing well lately. While he still battles daily with some hallucinations, they aren’t nearly as bad as a few months ago. In general, he’s still worried about his “friends” stealing things around the house so everything is hidden, the cabinets, pantry door and refrigerator are barricaded after each use with kitchen utensils. Some times, Dad will jump up from his chair and run to the front door to make sure someone is not breaking in. It’s a bit frustrating when you put down your glasses for a minute and they’ve disappeared and Dad doesn’t remember where he’s hid them for safe keeping. Needless to say, things go missing for weeks until it’s finally uncovered. We’re getting used to it but it’s still frustrating we can’t put anything down for two seconds without it disappearing.

Aside from those issues, things have been much better around here. Dad is aware he’s been doing well, too. He’s eager to go out each day and go to the movies, have lunch or run errands. He’s helping around the house with setting the dinner table and wiping it clean after each use. He picks up the dog poop each day and gets the mail every morning. The only household chore he struggles with but insists on doing is taking out the trash. No matter how many times we tell him, show him, change the position of the cans, Dad always puts the trash into the recycle bin and the recycles in the trash. Despite printing the words “RECYCLE” and “TRASH” on each can, he still mixes it up. So every time he takes the trash out, we have to follow behind and switch it around.

I think Dad is also enjoying have his granddaughter around. He does so well with her and every now and then, he’ll just get up on his own and start playing with Baby on the floor. It’s so wonderful to watch the two of them and I try to grab my camera and snap a shot or two so I’ll always have that memory for Baby.

Well, Baby is starting to stir so I’ll stop here for now. Hope all is well with all my readers.


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Lately Dad seems to be playing a game of hide and seek with our belongings. Part of his OCD tendencies is to put things away that may be out and about. He can’t rest until things are back in order and where they should be. This is fine because in a way he helps pick up the house. Well, now it’s taken a turn and things are just disappearing only to be found after much sleuthing in obscure and random places. For instance, I found my sneakers in the spare room, hidden underneath the bed’s bed skirt. Mom’s black dress pants have been  missing for weeks but they magically re-appeared last night in plain sight. Dad’s sneakers disappeared and I found one underneath the bed and the other in a random drawer.

However, Dad is taking his game one step further and some things are disappearing in to the trash. So far we have found his socks, dishes, silverware, pot holders, brand new rolls of wrapping tape, and my winter scarf all in the trash compactor. I’m sure a lot more has been thrown away before we caught on to what he was doing. I don’t know if he’s confused, forgetful or just deranged in his current quest to cull anything and everything.

Last night we made a rather unpleasant discovery in which Dad had stuffed his jeans, as well as a few other items, down the toilet. Needless to say we had a nice mess to clean up.

There are also some items that have gone completely MIA- the most notable being his glasses and watch. We’ve looked everywhere and can’t find them.  This is troublesome because Dad must ALWAYS have his watch and glasses. He goes wacky if he doesn’t have them. Dad doesn’t read anymore but he’s become accustomed to putting his glasses on after a shave. Since he doesn’t have his glasses, he won’t allow us to shave him therefore, he’s now growing a beard. He’s also completely obsessive about his watch and the time of day. It’s part of his daily bathroom regiment in which after he’s washed his hands seven times, he completes his ritual by reciting a long-winded speech about the time of day, week, month, etc. You’d have to hear it for yourself to believe it. Needless to say, he’s been a little bonkers without his trusty personal effects.

Hopefully we can keep up with his hide and seek or else a lot more is going to disappear for good.

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