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Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Dad works out at the gym. I think he likes going more for just being able to get out of the house and partly because he likes routine but I’m sure he also likes the exercise. Every time we go, he does 15 minutes on the sit down bike and then he does about 20 minutes worth of weights- some arms and some legs- in reps of three. And of course, he always has to have his iPod on which I think helps get him going.

Dad does pretty well considering his age and illness. In fact, sometimes he probably pushes himself a little too much but he likes working out and sticking to his gym regiment. Dad needs to exercise. It’s good for his overall mental and physical health. If he misses a gym day, he gets pretty upset and it usually sets him back- thus resulting in a “bad day.”  Even when he starts out as “bad” on a gym day, he’ll still want to go to the gym and afterwards, he seems a little better and more alert. 

Another benefit of the gym is that working out helps ease his rigidity issues. I believe from all the medicine he’s on it has caused him to become severly tense and rigid- and, partly from his Parkinsonism symptoms. Maybe it’s just me, but I think exercising aids him in regaining some of his muscle control and coordination. I truly believe, overall, working out helps him maintain his mobility and keeps him strong.

So, for as long as he can, we’ll keep taking Dad to the gym three times a week. It can only help and right now, every little bit helps.

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