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If you are going to do just one thing this year to raise LBD awareness, tell Congress about LBD and about your support for a very important act going to the House floor for a vote as early as next week!

On Friday, the Parkinson’s Action Network announced the following news:
On September 23, the full House Energy & Commerce Committee unanimously passed by voice vote H.R. 1362, the National Neurological Diseases Surveillance System Act. The legislation will establish a national data surveillance system that will track and collect data on the epidemiology, incidence, prevalence, and other factors of neurological diseases, including Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis.

The surveillance system will be developed and maintained by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This system will provide researchers and epidemiologists with a coordinated system of health data on neurological diseases and should fuel further research into neurological disorders like LBD. (Visit the Parkinson’s Action Network to learn more about the bill.)

Your Representative needs to hear from you today! Make sure your Member knows that the Lewy body dementia community strongly supports this important legislation. LBDA has developed a custom message about LBD and this act for your use, and the Parkinson’s Action Network’s website does the rest!
Please voice your support by e-mailing your Representative in support of H.R. 1362.



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We voted! Dad was excited to vote but this time we opted for vote by mail. We all thought it would be easier to vote at home and go over each prop separately so he can take his time and not feel rushed. He completed his ballot and off we went to drop it off. He was a little confused about the drop off because he thought we should be putting stamps on our ballots but we were just dropping them off, not mailing them. After much convincing, it was decided everything was okay and we moved on.

We were pretty much glued to the TV, watching the election coverage all day. We are happy to have witnessed and participated in such a historic election. The road ahead will be long and hard but we all believe America took a step in the right direction tonight. Most of all, Dad seemed to be alert and in to all of the election coverage.

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